Mike Hummel

Earth’s Honey is incredible stuff. The lawns we tested it on last year are still super green and we haven’t reapplied yet. We only did two applications last year! Its phenomenal. Our client’s neighbors are starting to notice the difference. Then their jaw drops when I tell them we haven’t even done the spring application 

Leanne Hall

Save the bees! This is really awesome stuff. Used it last year on my veggie plants and they grew like crazy.. and it’s safe so you will be doing your good deed!

Don Hall

First day adding Earth’s Honey Fertilizer. Tomatoes, Lettuce and herbs. Looking for lots of tomatoes just like last year.

John Morrone

After years of using expensive name brands, I decided to try Earth’s Honey. It did a great job on my grass, my plants and trees and the whole time I knew our dog would be safe. I will continue to use Earth’s Honey.

Amie Genesse

GREAT PRODUCT. I used Earth’s Honey Organic Fertilizer for the first time this year on all of my garden and container plants. People are always stopping by to admire my gardens and ask me, what am I doing different, to make them grow so big and hearty. I tell them the only change has been 

Nicholas Antal

Simply love this product, it was incredibly easy to use and provides exceptional results. I use it on my lawn, vegetable plants, and flower beds. I’ve noticed stronger plants, had to water less and when it was hot the plants didn’t get heat stress like they have before. My vegetable plant showed the most phenomenal 

Mike Gibson

Just want you all to know how well Earth’s Honey Fertilizer brought my Carolina Reaper crop back to life!! I was worried I wasn’t going to get a good crop at all due to my Plants struggling! Once I added the fertilizer they started to get dark green and flowered like mad!! Ended up with 

Jay Thatcher

  We used Earth’s Honey Organic Fertilizer for the first time this year on all our customer’s flowerbeds. We noticed way more blossoms and more pollinators on the flowers. We will definitely be going back to Earth’s Honey next year – our customers are actually asking for it.