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Founded in the heart of the Niagara Region, Earth’s Honey Inc. is an environmentally engaged and responsible company dedicated to helping others reduce their environmental footprint by producing an exemplary product which is beneficial to the environment and the earth.


It was not that long ago, that our bees, butterflies, birds, pets and other wildlife creatures, as well as our environment were not as threatened as they are today. This is due to the ever increasing contamination levels within our air, water and ground resulting from emission and chemical run offs, some of which come from our farms and gardens.


Earth’s Honey Organic Fertilizer is a 100% chemical free and all natural unique organic blend. We offer a fresh gardening choice which helps ensure you have a greener and more naturally healthy lawn and garden. Our natural blend is designed with all your gardening needs in mind, ranging from flowers to vegetables and herbs, trees, shrubs and most of your indoor plants.

Solution- Earth’s Honey Certified Organic

Our fertilizer is derived from nutrient rich by-products. These products originate from world leading producers of biodegradable ingredients of natural origins for the food and beverage industry. It also feeds the soil along with all the natural organisms living within it. These soil organism’s process, cycle and re-cycle nutrients creating a slow release which help build essential soil organic matter.

Safe & Effective- Earth’s Honey Certified Organic

Earth’s Honey Organic Fertilizer has been analyzed by the University of Guelph’s Agriculture and Food Laboratory where it has undergone an extensive array of analyses, which include mineral panel screening, to screening for over 500 pesticides, herbicides and insecticides, and total nitrogen. In addition, our fertilizer has been analyzed for Neonicotinoids (Neonics) which are extremely harmful to bees, butterflies, birds, aquatic invertebrates and other wildlife as well as having a harmful effects on humans. The use of Neonics has resulted in the declining number of bees and other pollinating insects. We affirm that all the analysis have come back negative for pesticides, herbicides and insecticides including Neonicotinoids as well as having positive results for all the required essential minerals and nutrients.

Features - Earth’s Honey Certified Organic

Earth’s Honey Inc. is proud to be able to offer a beneficial solution for all your gardening needs without the use of harmful chemicals and in turn helping to preserve all the necessary pollinating insects that truly help to feed the world’s population.