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Earth’s Honey Certified Organic Fertilizer is a 100% chemical free and all natural unique organic blend. We offer a fresh gardening choice which helps ensure you have a greener and more naturally healthy lawn and garden. As part of our commitment to quality and effectiveness, Earth’s Honey Certified Organic Fertilizer has been extensively analyzed for all pesticides and Neonicotinoids by the University of Guelph’s Agriculture and Food Laboratory. Our natural blend is eco-system friendly and designed with all your gardening needs in mind, ranging from flowers to vegetables and herbs, trees, shrubs, and most of your indoor plants.

Enhances soil nourishment and improves soil health

Bird, Bee, Butterfly and Pet Friendly

Enhances moisture holding capacity for your soil

Eco system friendly


Organic fertilizer 7-4-1

Easily used in any type of fertilizer spreader

Naturally organic, stimulates microbial activity

Increases organic matter

Analyzed at the University of Guelph’s Agriculture and Food Laboratory for over 500 pesticides, insecticides and Neonicotinoids

Can be used all season long, spring through fall

Feeds the soil along with natural organisms living within it

Naturally slow releasing

Improves natural soil food web

Promotes healthier root development